Full Google Business Listing Optimization Guide For Digital Marketing

In this digital era, every business needs its own website optimization and Google ads. But most of the businesses forget to optimize their Google my business listing which is as important as website optimization. Google my business helps you to create a credibility in the viewers mind. It is like an Instagram page, the photos of your office, business place and some dynamic snapshots of your business can be seen on your Google my business page, just like this, all the reviews, services provided, contact number can also be provided on this page and the best part is that it is completely free and helpful for digital marketing of your brand.

Why do you need to optimize your Google Business Profile for Digital marketing?

Optimizing your Google business profile helps you in lot of things. Like as mentioned above it creates a credibility about your business, it shows you insights of your audience , helps you to get more clients.

Here are the steps that you should follow in order to optimize your Google business profile.

• Simply login to Google my business listing.

• After logging in, click on the info tab.

• A full profile tab of your business will get opened.

• You can edit your name and category.

• Adjust your location so that you don’t miss your customer.

• Add service area, working hours, website links and all the things given over there.

• Now add your products.

• Mention what are the services you are providing.

• Add highlights means extra amenities and facilities provided by you.

• Write a brief description about your business according to keywords.

• Add photos of your business.

• Verify your business

After following all these steps you are ready to kick start the online optimization of your business.

Monitor your Google business insights

Google has improved a lot over the last several years with its analytical data for Google business profiles to improve your digital marketing.

This analytical data is called as insights which helps the business to understand how customers interact with the business profile and more like-

1. How customers landed on your profile = They may have seen your ad somewhere, they may have searched about the businesses in their area, or may have searched something related to your business or service.

For example – If you provide web development services and your customer searches for best web development services in my area then they see your profile and land over there.

2. Where customers find your profile =  This section shows how many customers found you from Google Search or Google Maps.

According to Google, “views” are like “impressions” on other analytics platforms.You can see that how many customers views your profile on a particular day by placing the cursor on the day in graph.

These sections provide following things in bulk insights reports:

Total views.

Search views.

Maps views.

3. Activity of customer on your profile = This shows what customers did on your profile once the landed over there. There are several activities that they can perform like

• Visiting your website

• Call you

• Request photos

• View directions to your location

4. Phone calls = This section shows how often customer calls you. You get the data about total number of calls receive in a particular duration in the top section. This let’s the business owners know that when does the customer often calls.

5. Directions to your location = Gives your customer the direction to where your business is located at.

So this was all about the optimization of your listing on the Google my business. Follow every step precisely and this will help you a lot to boost your Business and to take it to a next level. This is one of the best way to see your customer behavior.

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