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How Can Google Algorithm Updates Affect Your Business

Let me ask you a question when you need to search for something or need an answer for something where you go first to look?

Google Right!

With over 86% of search market share, Google without any doubt today is the most popular search engine people use google to resolve their queries. 

Today, Google is the #1 search engine and it got there because google provides the best user experience to its users and helps them to give optimized results. 

According to Google search statics, Google processes over 3.5 billion queries per day. And google’s goal is to get you the perfect answer you are looking for, and here the Google Algorithm Comes into the picture. 

Google Algorithm works is like how google rank, finds and provides the most relevant result faster. 

So, let’s first understand the meaning behind the google algorithm.

What is Google Algorithm?

To understand Google Algorithm more effectively, you should know what the word ‘Algorithm’ means? So, the Algorithm defines the process of solving a particular problem logically step by step.

Google Algorithm Uses the same pattern for solving your problem. Think about the last time you have searched something on google like “ Chinese Restaurant Near Me” or  “School Bag Packs” search engine return to you with the best possible result in the millions of data google has in its system. 

But how does Google decide which result to show you and also in what order? A Google Algorithm does that for its users.

Google has a very complex process for serving result and Google changes its algorithm very frequently to maintains the full anonymity so, for businesses it hard track what formulas Google Algorithm possess to rank a page in google search result. 

Many changes google made in a year, some are small and others are relatively big that can turn businesses in the market up and down. 

How Can New Algorithm Update Impact Your Business?

Google is launching a new Page Experience signal in May 2021, which is a mix of multiple site efficiency indicators that will influence where websites rank in search.

The Google Page Experience update will concentrate on five signals, some of which are brand new as ranking signals, while many have already existed in some form or another.

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These are the five signals:

Core Web Vitals 

It is indeed a new sequence of related performance indicators that focuses on the relationship between performance and user experience.

The highest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and First Input Delay are the three metrics (FID).

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If the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool or Google Search Consolation have flagged your site as having problems with a mobile-friendly interface.

Safe browsing

If Google Search Console has flagged any malware problems, harmful downloads, misleading content (e.g., phishing), or even other similar issues on your web.

HTTPS Usages

Whether or not your domain has an SSL certificate and uses HTTPS.

On mobile, no intrusive interstitials

Whether or not the site shows intrusive popups/interstitials to phone devices who click through to a Google search (AKA the mobile popup penalty, which has been around since 2017).

How to Grow Your Business?

The success of your business depends on how much effort you are putting into growing your business. From giving efficient training to doing marketing effectively everything matters when it comes to growing your business.

Create Your Business Sales Funnel 

Without building a well-researched sales funnel you can not automate your business. It helps to scale up and grow your business quickly. 

Use a Customer Management System 

If you want to scale quickly, use a customer management system. Because doing a manually tracking transaction process is complex and it reduces its efficiency.

Do Your Competitor Research 

Before entering the market, do thorough research on your competition. This helps you understand where your competition is lacking and what you can do by presenting customers that your competitors were not able to give.

Even after creating a good brand and market for your business, it is important to research from time to time.

Build Customer Loyalty Program

Creating a loyalty program will help you build customer loyalty, or it can help you attract new customers. 

if you have a clear incentive to spend more money on it, it will be profitable over the long run.

Create an appealing loyalty program and make it accessible to your existing customers and examine sales over time.

Find fresh possibilities

Explore new opportunities in your business with a better understanding of your demography.

Include everything from distribution channels to your direct competitors and even an analysis of foreign markets and other potential sectors. 

Create an Email-list 

One of the best and most efficient ways to develop a business quickly is to build a list of emails. This means you have to have a lead magnet.

Otherwise, why would people subscribe to your list? And with that, a lead magnet comes the need of a sales funnel.

Diversify your range of services

Consider diversifying your offerings. What products, services or complementary information can you offer in your business?

To grow, you must consider expanding  Identify new opportunities in your niche. Discover the painful points. What other things can you sell to clients? How do you add value in exchange?

Final Thoughts

Google Algorithm is the tool that ensures to manage credibility of Google as a search engine and gives the maximum optimized results to its users when they interact with Google. 

Google Algorithm Update could be the game-changer in the market and force the businesses to approach new strategies according to the updates. Otherwise, businesses can suffer a great deal of loss in the future. 

Business grows Effectively when the right efforts are put in at the right time. 

The bottom line is your business scale up when you offer value to your customers. All you need to do is to provide the best quality content to your users.

By aligning your businesses with the goal of Google, you can keep your site on right track and keep your business in the right direction.



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