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If you operate a business or manage a marketing or sales team of an SEO company in Ahmedabad, you know that improving the exposure of your website may make or break your sales and revenue. SEO best practices are a collection of duties aimed to aid in the improvement of a website’s search engine rankings. On-site optimization, keyword research, and creating backlinks to a site are all common search engine optimization best practices. There are a million ways to improve your Google results (including advanced SEO strategies and techniques). But first, it’s critical to master the fundamentals. Creating content that fulfils our clients’ wants should be a crucial component of your SEO strategy.

Hence, we have listed below some of the most important SEO practices implemented by the  top SEO company in Ahmedabad to make your SEO journey easier:

1. Create content focused on keyword research

SEO tools can assist an SEO company in Ahmedabad in determining your ideal target keywords as you construct your content SEO strategy. Your keyword research tools are designed to assist you in aligning your content with what your searchers are looking for. Each piece of content you write should attempt to be as near to search intent as feasible. In your investigation, evaluate whether you can justify developing articles and material for strong secondary keywords that have enough search traffic surrounding them. When you produce articles on a broader topic and link them to posts about a subtopic, your chances of ranking for it grow.

An SEO company in Ahmedabad should also consider the possibilities provided by long-tail keywords. These lower-volume terms are usually associated with more transaction-focused search intent, making them ideal for content that moves your new buyers further down the funnel.

2. Use catchy titles and headings

Though most people use the phrases interchangeably, titles and headings are unique and take up different sections of your web pages’ code. Good titles are an important aspect of an SEO company in Ahmedabad and should be one of the first things you think about when developing content. If your web pages are indexed by search engines and rank but receive no clicks, Google will replace them in search results with articles that do receive clicks. Headings are strongly weighted since they offer Google a better picture of what the page is about as well as the structure of your page.

Incorporating a secondary keyword into your subheadings, for example, informs Google that you not only cover the core issue but also other aspects of it and are attacking it from several sides. An SEO company in Ahmedabad takes the time to create unique titles for each page, even if they address identical facets of the same topic. Because customers are seeking a one-stop source of information, search engines prefer to rank high-quality material that covers the issue thoroughly.

3. Create compelling meta descriptions

The meta description element specifies the block of text that appears in the SERPS following the content title (search engine results pages). An SEO company in Ahmedabad needsto remember that Google regularly rewrites meta descriptions. After evaluating user intent, they try their best to characterise your content as what they believe consumers are seeking and then show it. They may take material from your meta description or what’s on the page and reorganise it in a way they believe is more effective. Make your meta description as appealing as possible, even if Google ultimately rewrites it for you.

4. Optimize all images

If an SEO company in Ahmedabad wants its sites to load as quickly as possible, therefore optimise pictures to have the smallest file sizes feasible. The simplest method to prevent having to lower several picture sizes, later on, is to develop your photographs to appear as nice as possible at the smallest size feasible. This is because Google evaluates user experience in its search ranking algorithm, and if your website loads slowly but your competitor’s page that includes the same content loads rapidly, especially on mobile, Google will favour the quicker page. It is also critical to consider availability. Many consumers will use screen reader technology to assist them in navigating the web, and you should inform Google and the other search engines that you enable them.

5. Include a few internal links

An SEO company in Ahmedabad should link wherever possible, but it should also include a few internal links to pertinent bits of material. Google examines every page and looks for links to other articles that are related to the one you’re writing. Google does not specify how many external or internal links should be included, but as a general guideline, base this on the length of your content. The most critical aspect is to ensure that all of your internal connections are relevant. There is no hard and fast rule on how many you should provide, but linking to a lot of irrelevant content distracts the reader and confuses search engines. When presenting new ideas to your readers, it is advised that you utilise numerous internal links for clarification, but your ultimate aim when building links in your content should be to concentrate on the user.


The SEO basic practices described above are an excellent place to start if you want to improve your search rankings. However, irrespective of the niche you trade-in, competition for the desired first page of Google is tremendous.

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