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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing World

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has developed an advanced version of data creation. These data are used by machines to develop relevant marketing strategies.

As a digital marketer, you might aware of the tools and the technique of Artificial intelligence used in digital marketing. But as a businessman, you should also be aware of the tools of artificial intelligence used by digital marketing companies.

In today’s article, we are going to learn 

  1. What is artificial intelligence? 
  2. Impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing and business houses 
  3. How artificial intelligence affected SEO

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a coding-based language that allows the machines to perform the task like humans. The technologies and algorithms in artificial intelligence allow machines to think and act like humans. 

The Common AI example 

  • Siri
  • Google AI
  • Alexa

Types of artificial intelligence 

  1. Artificial narrow intelligence 
  2. Artificial superintelligence 
  3. Artificial general intelligence 

 Artificial Narrow Intelligence- 

Is the only artificial intelligence that is recognized by humans. The condition of narrow intelligence is very weak. 

  • Usage of narrow intelligence.
  • Goal orientation 

The narrow intelligence only performs particular tasks such as chatting, Voice talking, etc where the machine is performing a singular task.

These tasks follow certain limitations which makes them weak in the performance.

Artificial General Intelligence- 

Are more intelligent and multitasking systems. It can easily perform the task of a narrow system.  Is based on the understanding of the behavior of human systems.

Machines are taking digital marketing to its next level of operation. It does the experiments and researches based on the insights and interest of the people provided on Facebook, search engines. These insights help the machines to make the decisions as per programmed artificial intelligence.

Artificial Superintelligence: 

It is the most advanced type of technique that is developed to perform such a task that is difficult for humans. These tasks are performed by high-level machinery such as robots, supercomputers.

Artificial superintelligence is not assisted by humans to give commands. They self-assist the situation and make decisions.

Why digital marketing companies?

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the whole system. It has impacted the communication system between consumers and businesses. 

 Earlier the communication was done through traditional media like tv and newspapers. Which has a low engagement rate.  

 As consumers are adopting digital communication with each other. This has increased the use of digital marketing companies to easily interact with consumers.

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Impact of artificial intelligence on digital world and business 

Artificial intelligence has a huge impact on the digital world. It helps to increase the user experience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 

Artificial intelligence invites the business to build social media presence for grabbing the insights such as demographics and interest of consumers present on these platforms. 

Artificial intelligence has developed a new face of communication between social media and business houses. Which helps in generating revenues for these platforms.

  • Using personalized data 
  • Increasing engagements rate 

The artificial intelligence used by the digital world helps new startups to increase their business and stay in the competition with corporate houses. 

Using Personalize Data 

The personalized data such as interest, habits, buying behavior of consumers can easily help to predict future environment to plan strategies. This data based on a demographic factor such as age, gender, etc 

Artificial intelligence helps businesses to segment the audience according to the niche and need of a business. These targeted audiences help the business houses to build relevant advertisements. 

For business and digital marketers: it helps businesses and digital marketers to analyze the trends and build relevant strategies to reach the customer. 

Low cost – higher returns: By using the personalized data the business easily gets higher returns at a very low cost. The social media sites like Facebook, Instagram charge very low costs for every business and give them higher returns.

Increasing engagement rates 

Artificial intelligence help to bridge the gap between the business and customers. The apps Such as google bots, chatbot made the businesses easily reach the customer at the time of support. 

Digital marketers can use the narrow intelligence for the basic task which can lead to higher engagement rates on websites or web pages. 

Content is the most powerful tool to increase engagement rates. Artificial helps the content to reach the right audience at the right time.

Online advertisements 

Google, youtube, Facebook are some of the largest networks for online advertisement. These advertisements can give extra personal touches to the customers. These advertisements can give a higher user experience to the firm.

Artificial intelligence has helped online advertisements to reach their target audience. Through an automated bidding system that allows the marketers to bid their advertisements according to their popularity and clicks. Which can lead the high conversion rates.

Creation of  Content 

Content is a way through which digital marketer can express their feelings to the world. Creating engaging content is a tough task. Because It consumes time and energy. 

Through artificial intelligence, marketers can easily trigger the user interest in the content what the people want to read and where they want to read. This helps in creating and getting a good engagement rate about content.


Maybe Artificial humans are getting in power to control the world. But it’s not affected by the human brain. But after artificial intelligence launched the digital marketing has boomed its sale and reach amongst the people. It also affected profitability and productivity.



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