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Seeing your ads rejected can be very upsetting for a company that relies on AdWords for revenue. The “Status” column will display “Disapproved” or “Eligible (limited)” if Google has flagged or limited any of your ads. And your advertisement might be unable to run any longer.We will discuss how to fix your disapproved Google ads with the help of SEO services in Jaipur in this article. You will discover the reasons why people dislike your advertisement as well as how to spot it.

Consequently, let us start by defining what disapproved ads are.

What exactly are disapproved ads

Disapproved ads are those that Google stops or limits because they violate the Google Ads policies. Your user will not see your advertisement after it has been disapproved.Depending on the problem, Google might completely reject an ad or give it limited approval. Limited approval typically, but not always, denotes that your ad will only see a small portion of the available impressions. A disapproved advertisement, on the other hand, will not air at all.Do not worry if your advertisement has been disapproved! The ad can be fixed in several ways with the help of SEO services in Jaipur. It will be reassessed and granted eligibility.

If your advertisement has been disapproved, you can find out why by moving your cursor over the “Status” column. Check the policy infraction that is affecting your advertisement as well. Once you are aware of the reason your advertisement was disapproved, you can take the necessary corrective action with the aid of SEO services in Jaipur.

Top 7 Grounds Your Google Ads Are disapproved

  1. Your advertisement makes references to subjects that Google deems offensive. Your advertisement will not be disapproved if it contains adult-oriented content, fake goods, hazardous items (like fireworks), offensive material, etc.
  2. Copyrighted content is mentioned in your advertisement. Google will penalise you for using certain words if another company holds the rights to them. Utilizing a synonym for the same is preferable. With the use of right SEO services in Jaipur,one can avoid copyright issues.
  3. Your company’s phone number is listed in the advertisement’s text. Google flags ads that contain a company phone number in the ad text right away.
  4. According to your advertisement, your business is the “best in business.” Ad text cannot contain such claims unless a third party backs them up.
  5. Your advertisement is far too wordy. Yes, this is another reason why Google might not like your ads. The best course of action is to use SEO services in Jaipur to abide by the rules prior to finishing your ad text. Your ads should ideally be direct and succinct.
  6. Your advertisement uses ambiguous language. The words “click here” or “Buy from here” will immediately cause your ad text to be flagged. Utilizing a different call to action, such as “Shop Now,” is the best course of action.
  7. The words in your advertisement are capitalised. All capital letters, such as “FREE,” “SHOP NOW,” etc., are immediately highlighted. With SEO services in Jaipur, you can practice your promotional codes to be in bold and do the rest of the text brief.

Steps You Can Take to Fix Disapproved Ads

Now let us look at the various actions you can take to resolve the problem with the help of SEO services in Jaipur.

  • Appeal without updating your ads

Making an appeal with the help of SEO services in Jaipur without providing any updates is the first and most crucial thing you can do. Most of the time, Google gets it wrong and rejects your advertisement. You can keep using the impacted advertisements in this situation without making any changes. You can ask Google support for a manual review if this does not work.

  • Update your advertisement and appeal

You can then edit the offensive ads using SEO services in Jaipur, implying that you have made changes to comply, before filing an appeal. Any appeal can be used to endear a single ad, an ad group, a campaign, or the entire account.

  • Make a manual review

Even though manual reviews are frequently effective, this does not prevent updated or new ads with essentially the same problem from being rejected. As a result, you might need SEO services in Jaipur to regularly submit your ads for manual review, which is both burdensome and time-consuming.

  • Stop the Offensive Ads

The simplest solution that SEO services in Jaipur can provide is to simply stop unapproved ads if there are already too many approved ads in the ad group. It is not a problem because your other ads are still running so, it’s best to stop the one that’s causing the issue.

  • Make multiple copies of the ads

The only way to get your ad to run if it is completely stuck in the “disapproval string” is to duplicate it and get it approved in the new version. The main problem with doing this is that you lose your history of ads as well as any optimization that has already been established.


These are the five ways to correct Google Ads with the help of SEO services in Jaipur that have been disapproved. This information should have been insightful and useful for you, and it will hopefully assist you in creating ads that are not flagged.



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