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Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Consultant in Ahmedabad

SEO Consultant in Ahmedabad

Google’s organic traffic is essential to driving more leads and sales to fill your sales funnel, whether you are the business’s owner or an SEO consultant in Ahmedabad tasked with expanding it. One of the most important marketing choices for your organisation may be to hire an SEO agency. Finding the appropriate business can eventually propel you to the top of Google, which will provide some of the most lucrative traffic to your website. The improper SEO agency might cause you to lose time and money while also doing more harm than good.

Use the following key questions to determine whether your SEO consultant in Ahmedabad is on the correct track or if you’re unsure about your present business’s overall ranking.

1. What are the backlinking tactics used

The basis of Google’s algorithm is backlinks. It will be difficult to raise your site’s ranking on Google if your SEO consultant in Ahmedabad doesn’t have any high-quality backlinks pointing to it. Comparing your domain authority to that of your rivals can help you determine how high you’ll rank on Google and how far you still have to go to secure the top spot. To examine the links heading to your website, you can also view “recently found links” on Moz. There is probably no aggressive action being taken in this area if no fresh links are going to your website. Ask for the backlink profile if the Seo company claims to be creating backlinks to your website so you can verify the validity of each link.

2. Ask about prior SEO services

Ask to view a case study from one of their former clients after hearing the SEO consultant in Ahmedabad standards for expected results. Even said, not all businesses, especially young ones, might provide these. Case studies are a terrific way to compare exceptional results for one provider to another. It should be noted that the results provided in the case study are unlikely to reflect the real metrics that you can expect to observe if you were to work with the business because marketers usually prefer to draw attention to the outliers.

Be aware of how out-of-date some case studies may be. Over the past five years, SEO has undergone a substantial transformation. More recent case studies will give a far more accurate picture of the average outcomes that an SEO company in Ahmedabad might anticipate. Anything older than this is probably out-of-date, but case studies from the past two years should be expected.

3. Inquire about reporting with the SEO company in Ahmedabad

For ongoing connections, the majority of reliable SEO services will offer some kind of reporting. Request to view an example of the report they deliver to clients. Ask them about the main metrics that their organisation uses to report on as well.

Inquire about the SEO reporting tools they employ. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz are some of our top tools.  Always check that will any of those tools be available to you so you can verify the accuracy of the metrics they share with you. Good SEO company in Ahmedabad will provide reports on measures like backlink volume, high-volume keyword ranks, and growth in organic traffic. Great companies will take these measures and link your company’s income to them.

4. Ask for the blogging strategies used

While any SEO company in Ahmedabad is capable of producing generic blogs, you must first ask yourself: “What significance are these blogs providing on my website and for my company?”

The blogs are useful if the material informs your audience more effectively or drives relevant traffic to your company that might lead to new business. You should concentrate on answering any queries that your clients may have for your blog that aren’t addressed elsewhere on your website. The term “question to ask your SEO business before employing them” is less competitive than the word “SEO company,” even though many SEO firms fight for this term. Additionally, you have the chance to rank not just locally but also nationally for less competitive search phrases.

5. Ascertain your time investment

When assessing the expenses of working with a certain SEO consultant in Ahmedabad, consider the worth of time and money. Although both resources are limited, one will be more so. These two prices will differ among SEO agencies. Some could anticipate 10 hours of labour from you each week, while others would anticipate 2 hours.

Although neither choice is better or worse, certain expenses will be more advantageous for certain businesses than others. Before choosing an SEO firm, be aware of how these fees may affect your company. While some businesses demand a greater level of participation, others prefer a shorter time commitment. For some firms, this is fantastic; for others, it is terrible.


A professional SEO company in Ahmedabad will assist in assembling the parts of your SEO jigsaw, which may have a significant impact on your Google ranking. Additionally, it will make it easier for you to comprehend how your SEO approach is performing.

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